Our Story

Founded in 2007 by Tom Seward TSLandscapes set out to apply the classroom practices learned through Sparsholt Horticultural College and the practical application of techniques through time working with a professional landscape business

Since its formation TSLandscapes has continued to grow in the variety and complexity of its work and right from the start has strived to build on trusted relationships that allow cost certainty and product quality to be hallmarks of customer satisfaction through all its projects. By combining these experiences and eye for detail, we have had the privilege of working with and undertaking significant projects on behalf of a number of professional garden designers. This has resulted in our opportunity to build and construct an award winning garden recognised from within the Society of Garden Designers and a recognised national awards body (BALI). A bench mark moment for the TSLandscapes team that we hope to build on in the future. Specialising in landscape construction TSLandscapes adheres to a strict Customer Charter required as a condition for its membership of the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL). Along with regular inspections of the work TSLandscapes has carried out, the APL provides up to date advice and guidance on the use and handling of newly introduced materials or construction techniques with specific applications for use in the landscape construction industry. Working professionally with and alongside garden and landscape concept designers / architects in the provision of both hard construction and soft (planting) landscaping, TS Landscapes can help realise unique designs, tailored to each individual client in either the domestic environment or the commercial sector. The Association of Professional Landscapers is Trustmark endorsed in recognition of its maintained high standards


Tom Seward

Taking pride in his work and the satisfaction of achievement gained while working within the professional landscape construction industry has been combined with Sparsholt college learning, supplemented by specialist training in brick and stonework handling and construction to provide the springboard that is TS Landscapes. Tom believes that it is the choice of garden structure in equal measure to the planting and colour palette that is the real win for money invested in the landscape. With laser ground level survey often the first part of on-site construction followed by heavy plant & machinery usage, the proficiently marked and set-out site in accordance with a customer and/or designer’s plan will provide the firm foundation and confidence expected before the build phase can begin