Contemporary House

Designed by Christine Whatley

This contemporary designed house sits effortlessly among its Cotswold stone neighbours. Such a house, itself a study in detailed and customer inspired design consideration was borne out by close collaboration between designer, customer and TSLandscapes. Entering between Cotswold stone walls flanked by new planting and gently washed at night with feature lighting, the natural sweep of the drive has been edged on one side by a naturally tumbling stone wall that slowly reduces in height to disappear at ground surface level while leading to a grassed orchard area. A secondary entrance leading from this main driveway beyond the dry-stone walling area leads to a very special courtyard space. Every move you make once inside this step-free space breathes discovery. Two reflective pools of water provide the main visual feature to this scene, each pool crossed by its own stone bridge set in place such as to appear to float on the water. The house watches over the space and chestnut decking provides a natural and warm coloured surface feature that provides context and continuity with the external cladding used on part of the house facade

Key Features


Water Feature

Still Reflective Pools with Floating Bridge Access


Portuguese Limestone Sawn and Flamed for Textured Finish

Kerb Stone

Bespoke Cast Kerb Stones in Matching Colour to Surrounding Stone