Set in surrounding farmland this converted barn / construction sits naturally in its environment. The gentle hills and meadows beyond perfectly accept the wild flower border and islands created to the rear of this garden. From the entrance / parking bay through to the rear courtyard, the sandstone flags have been set in parallel lines and their edges have been cut individually to carve a flowing stream of natural stone that bends and contains the new islands of grass and wild flowers. Gravel of complementary colour abuts the flags and brick edging delineates the more contained planting within. The extensive views may be enjoyed by a gentle stroll in the rear garden or by sitting and relaxing on the decking area specially created to take in the natural silence, sounds and changing seasons of the countryside

Key Features


Shaped Planting Beds

Each bed mimics the shape of the adjacent flag edges to provide a natural flow to the scene before the eye looks up to the view beyond the boundary

Point of Interest

As the flow of the garden is swept along the line of flags it meets with a natural Granite stone block with evidence of its previous use (a mantelpiece) reclaimed from the earlier house conversion set between the shade of two trees. The Granite stone block provides both interest and marks a change in direction of the garden flow


A quiet place to relax and take in the natural wild flower mix planting that transits to the green meadows beyond