Having constructed a variety of gardens of all sizes we have recognised the importance of being able to offer a range of maintenance tasks

At TSLandscapes we can can offer professional maintenance on a one-off or ongoing regular basis. With time and money invested in a garden or landscape it is important not to forget the need to be able to keep it to that level of aftercare it surely deserves and continue fulfilling your vision once the garden has matured

Garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Whether clipping yew or cutting grass we are able to offer garden maintenance safely, efficiently and with an eye to detail. This helps to make sure your garden always looks it's best and continues to develop and grow over time

Plant and tree handling

Plant and Tree Handling

Our knowledge of plant and tree handling as well as the hard landscaping that provides the supporting structure will provide confidence that a garden will grow and mature to provide season by season enjoyment

Materials and safety

Materials and Safety

Re-seeding or top dressing or weed suppressing requires knowledge of materials handling that will keep the maintainer safe as well as pets and their owners. Our personnel have that knowledge of materials use to make sure people and the environment remain safe