Traditionally Styled House

A garden landscape for function and fun was the required design concept behind what was literally a blank canvas. A large flat green expanse had been laid to the rear of this traditionally styled house and was the principal canvas set to become a scene for a complete makeover. TSlandscapes incorporated the customer’s own preferences for provision of a sound system and both general and feature lighting throughout the whole garden with attention most especially surrounding those major features of the final build: A two metre deep swimming pool, sunken trampoline area, football lawn, mature tree planting, box hedging, steel pergola feature, cedar cladding along fence line and to pergola, irrigation system, self-binding gravel path, Millboard decking and granite paving - all are now the new features to be enjoyed. Each space and function has been carefully enjoined by a bold design. Without a doubt, the two key garden highlights around which all other garden spaces flow and coexist are, firstly the swimming pool, with its retractable cover, auto-skimming provision and gradual stepped access down into the water from the granite path and pool surround. A pool replete with mediterranean blue water seen beneath the day time sun and under starlit skies (albeit augmented by artificial lighting from discretely located lighting fittings). The second garden highlight is the greeting, meeting and entertaining space beneath the powder coated, hammock friendly steel pergola feature, clad with the warm colour of red cedar panels and complemented underfoot with millboard decking laid as flooring for both wet footprints and dry feet.

Key Features

Planting & irrigation

Pleached hornbeam has been planted as part of the natural fence line and provides a natural boundary between neighbouring properties. Low, chunky box hedging is set within the rear garden to delineate pathways and areas around the functional spaces. Multi-stem field maple trees are used as feature specimens at the front garden of the customer’s house, each guyed for initial stability using bio-degradable anchors. A leaky porous pipe irrigation system was incorporated at the time of planting in both front and rear garden areas.

Trampoline area

A concrete lined wall and membrane floor provides the enclosure for a sunken trampoline. For safety and aesthetic purposes a silver rubber play bark ring has been laid around the top edges of the trampoline circumference over a membrane that covers a compacted scalping layer.

Football area

A self-binding gravel footpath has been incorporated to access the kitchen garden from a football lawn area that has been made functional by the use of further pleached hornbeam to separate the spaces. The football lawn surface has been re-graded and a quality hard-wearing turf has been laid.

Cedar fence cladding

To make use of an existing concrete posted boundary fence along one of the property borders, the red cedar timber cladding, a feature throughout the garden including steel pergola, has been fixed on to separate battens secured to the concrete over a black background membrane used as a screen cover attached to the original fence. This to both mask the concrete and provide enhanced contrast with the natural cedar timber colour. Vertical gapping joints between cladding panels have been covered by trimming pieces.