Wiltshire residence

Shows the impact that newly created levelled areas, new borders and semi-mature tree planting can bring.  The pool and immediate surrounding area provides just one of the many new foci from the newly constructed large main rear porcelain terrace. A new formal lawn area created enclosed by new access steps and retaining wall borders that provide continuity of theme. 

The refurbished pergola walkway to the landscape beyond permits the newly refurbished walled garden area to be viewed at intervals, finally allowing access in to the walled garden to continue the journey of immersion within the formal gardens, whilst enjoying the views over the ha-ha beneath the canopies of the newly planted specimen trees.

The planting aims to enhance the geometric layout of the walled garden and provide a contemporary, bold feel to the area, whether viewed from within the garden or from the upstairs windows of the house.  Structural beech columns, yew cubes, hornbeam domes and specimen trees provide clean and simple underlying ‘bones’ to the planting.  This is overlaid with perennials and ornamental grasses, especially those typically used in naturalistic planting styles, arranged in bold intersecting blocks.  Chosen primarily for their interesting form, these plants form a tapestry of shape, texture and colour, which starts neatly contained with the spring growth and builds to a full and exuberant display in late summer and autumn.  Most of the planting stands ‘everbrown’ over the winter, with a cutback in early spring then revealing the bare bones again as a calm pause before the cycle starts again.


Designed by Globe Gardens

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